25 Best Sankranti Recipes
25 Best Sankranti Recipes

25 Best Sankranti Recipes

Makar Sankranti or Sankranthi is praised all over India with various local names like Bihu, Pongal, and Lohri. Here I’ve created an assortment of Sankranti Recipes which you can appreciate for this celebration of delight. So read on and remember these Sankranti Recipes for your festivals.


We as a whole have known through Science, how movement of Earth around the sun brings about seasons and varieties in the length of days.

While the days in winter are more limited and colder, they are longer and hotter in summers. Makar Sankranti is commended to stamp the day, when the days begin to turn out to be longer, otherwise called winter solstice.

This is additionally the day on which sun moves into the Capricorn heavenly body.

As indicated by the Hindu religion, this is the point at which the sun begins on it Utarayan (summer solstice) and is thought of as extremely promising.

I recollect this day since my adolescence when in North India, we used to anticipate flying kites and glutting on the absolute most pleasant and tasty plans.

Since many years, this celebration has been praised with much fanfare. In current calendar, this celebration as a rule falls on the 14 of January.

Individuals all over India praise this in novel style. In the north, Punjab observes Lohri with routine around a bonfire.

Individuals likewise disseminate desserts, clean their homes and purchase new garments. Rajasthan observes Sankranti with individuals all over flying kites during the day.

In South India, Pongal is commended in Tamil Nadu with sweet arrangements and contributions to the god. Bihu in Assam is praised with customary routine.

Correspondingly every state in India praises this celebration is some structure or the other.

One thing which hangs out in all festivals is planning unique dishes.

This is the place where I’ve made an assortment of Sankranti Recipes from various locales of India, so we can praise the variety and imprint this celebration in an ideal manner.

You should simply welcome your loved ones and partake in these ideal plans.

I’m totally equipped to commend this celebration by and by with my tasty plans to ensure favorable luck in the coming year. You also can utilize these 5 straightforward tips to plan for a Healthy and Auspicious Sankranti.

5 Tips to prepare for a Healthy & Auspicious Sankranti

Surya Namaskar: Sun has been viewed as the god for energy, flourishing and wellbeing, so this day starts by offering water to the Sun God in a copper utensil. Adding red blossoms will just make it more propitious and assist with bringing thriving and great wellbeing in the coming year. Plant another tree or blossoms in your home so you can utilize them drawn out and get in a positive routine of saying thanks to the sun god.

 Seek blessings: Seeking gifts from elderly folks is a flat-out must on this day, but you can likewise get favors from the general public. As per age-old convictions, giving unused stuff is known to return complex, so Sankranti is additionally an ideal chance to help the under special and procure their endowments. So investigate your old boxes and almirahs, get some old garments and toys and give them to the penniless.

Invite friends over: No celebration in India is at any point total without celebrating with loved ones. Observing Sankranti with your friends and family is likewise the most effective way to incorporate your culinary abilities. Put a few desserts and munchies and enhance your food table with these attempted and tried plans. Attempt these plans of Ven Pongal, Sakkarai Pongal, Til Gud Poli, Ellu Sadam and so forth

Begin a new thing: Sankranti marks the initiation of Uttarayan; a period accepted to be incredibly propitious. Consequently making it an ideal opportunity to begin something been very much past due. Be it another goal for the new year or another task, business or drive, there could be no more excellent time than this day to start it off. So get on and capitalize on the new year.

Prepare your kitchen Sankranti: The act of pre-Sankranti cleaning isn’t unquestionably the most effective way to invite thriving yet additionally a solid way of life. What’s more, your kitchen has a basic impact on it.

25 Best Sankranti Recipes

Til ChikkiTil Chikki is a crispy sweet treat which has a blend of jaggery and until or sesame seeds. It rushes to make and is an unquestionable requirement make for the celebration of Sankranti in North India. Evaluate this very simple formula to make until chikki.

Til Chikki


Til Mawa Ladoo – In this formula of Til Mawa Ladoo, we utilize the particularly nutty kind of until mixed with Mawa (Khoya) to make an entirely sweet Indian Mithai. Make it for celebrations or eat one laddu a day in winters to stay aware of the Indian cold environment. So hanging tight for what? Look at the formula now.

Til Mawa Ladoo


Tilgul Poli –Tilgul Poli is a sweet chapatti/flatbread that is ordinarily ready during Makar Sankranthi. It is sweet, delicate, flavorful and best delighted in with ghee. Do remember it for your Sankranti Recipes list.

Tilgul Poli


Puran Poli – Puran Poli is a sweet flatbread appreciated on practically every one of the events in India. It is famous in Gujarat just as Maharashtra. In Maharashtra, it is ready by utilizing Chana Dal, be that as it may, in Gujarat Toovar Dal is liked for making it. Make it this Sankranti for a sweet treat.

Puran Poli


Moong dal Daliya Khichdi – This recipe is really simple to make and tastes delectable. In North India making khichdi is a practice for Sankranti and this formula will be an ideal fit.

Moong dal Daliya Khichdi


Vegetable Oats Khichdi – Stacked with the integrity of oats and vegetables this Vegetable Oats Khichdi is an ideal one-pot dinner to serve your family. Make this solid formula to observe Sankranti.

Vegetable Oats Khichdi


Duli Moong Dal Khichdi – Dhuli Moong Dal Ki Khichdi is a rich, nutritious Indian-style flavorful porridge made utilizing rice and lentils. It isn’t unexpected given to kids when they are exceptionally youthful, as the rich protein content is really great for development and energy. This formula would be an incredible expansion to your Sankranti menu.

Dhuli Moong Dal Ki Khichdi


Ven Pongal – Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal is a zesty and appetizing rice Pongal that is rich, sound, heavenly and exquisite. Exceptionally ready during the reap celebration of Sankranti in South India, this delectable porridge is regularly had for breakfast or lunch, either without help from anyone else or joined by pickle and papads.

Ven Pongal


Thinai Pongal – Millets are high on supplements, and they make for amazing breakfast oats. Their high fiber content, low-calorie content and low glycaemic record make them incredible to start the day with. This healthy grain is additionally sustained with protein-rich moong dal, mixed with an assortment of flavors in this Thinai Ven Pongal.

Thinai Pongal


Sakkarai Pongal – Sakkarai Pongal is ready by utilizing short-grain rice and jaggery which are viewed as solid fixings to be consumed during winter. Do make this sweet Pongal alongside the exquisite ones for a heavenly finish to your feast.

Sakkarai Pongal


Rava Ponga – lIt is a one-pot dish made utilizing rava or sooji and moong dal. It’s a great variety of the exemplary Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal and is a delightful South Indian breakfast formula made in a strain cooker. Assuming you have made ven Pongal enough occasions, then, at that point, attempt this variety this year.

Rava Pongal


Curd Rice – Curd Rice is a flavorful South Indian formula where cooked rice is blended in with curd and treating is done to it. It is a full dinner in itself and can be had any time.

Curd Rice


Lemon Rice – Lemon rice is a well-known South Indian Rice formula. The dish is finished in itself or it very well may be eaten with curd, raita or any chutney and is a brilliant method for utilizing leftover rice. A tadka of mustard seeds, lentils, peanuts, cashew nuts, and curry leaves is made and is added to the cooked rice. Lemon juice is added toward the finish to give it a slight tart taste.

Lemon Rice


Ellu Sadam Or Sesame Rice is a conventional Karnataka dish particularly made during celebrations. In this dish cooked rice is blended in with a zesty powder made fundamentally utilizing sesame seeds. This is the way to make Ellu Sadam.

Ellu Sadam


Tomato Rice – Tomato Rice is a delightful South Indian-style rice formula with an intense kind of tomato. It rushes to make and can be made utilizing leftover rice as well. Make it for breakfast, lunch or supper, it fits everything.

Tomato Rice


Coconut Rice – This South Indian Coconut Rice Recipe is a gently flavored and light rice dish cooked with new coconut. You can match it with raita or dal.

Coconut Rice


Mix Veg Kootu – Kootu is a basic, yet flavorful dish that is made in most Tamil homes. It’s a sound South Indian dish that is extraordinarily made during the Pongal season. The flavor of this vegetable blend in with hot rice and a bit of ghee is basically heavenly. This is what’s truly going on with straightforward solace food.

Mix Veg Kootu


Chakkara Pongal with Brown rice – Chakkara Pongal is a propitious sweet dish made on Pongal day. The newly gathered rice and dal, are cooked alongside jaggery for a basic, moderate sweet dish to stamp the event of Pongal, a celebration celebrated with much intensity in Tamil Nadu. Make your Chakka Pongal better by making it with earthy-colored rice. Here is a formula by Nandita of Saffrontrails.

Chakkara Pongal


Paal Pongal – Paal Pongal is rice and dal cooked in milk. You can either have it plain or add sugar to it. Here is a formula by Jyothi from Currytrail.

Paal Pongal


Navane Payasa – Only 5 Ingredients and this Navane Payasa or Foxtail millet payasa is prepared quickly. Talk regarding that it is so beneficial to enjoy, cuz foxtail millet has heaps of fiber and is incredible to glut on with the merry food. Here is a formula by Sindhu from Slurpyplatter.

Navane Payasa


Tahini Til Gul – Need to evaluate something very simple and with a wind? Then, at that point, this Tahini Til Gul made with only 2 fixings may be your thing. Evaluate this formula by Niv from Panfusion.

Tahini Til Gul


I’m sure all must have enjoyed these Sankranti Recipes and will attempt a couple of these this year.


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